Friday October 30th, 2009

Upcoming Events

I had a good week this week. Aside from classes, I got to go to two chapels. On Monday, I went to a preview of the Mainstage, Big Love, in the Umble Center. I got to watch part of the play. On Wednesday, I went to a chapel about issues of race, and how our society is still so full of racial unequalities that we have to do something to change it. It was a very good chapel, and challenging as well. Last night, my friends and I went to the Leaf Raker at 11:30 pm to get some pancakes and bacon. Since it’s open on Thursdays until 12:00, it has become a weekly tradition of going to get breakfast food late Thursday nights. I’m also looking forward to the weekend I have coming up.  Read more »

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Sunday October 25th, 2009

Fall Break

Last weekend, we had fall break, which provided and excellent time to kick back and hang out with friends. In the middle of both semesters, there is a break to mark the half-way point (in the spring, there’s spring break, so why not a fall break?). We had last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off, so we had a five-day weekend to do whatever we wanted.  Read more »

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Tuesday October 6th, 2009

My School Year

Wow! It feels like this year has gone by fast so far. I feel like it was yesterday that I was starting to make connections with friends again, but this semester is almost half over! I have a busy schedule this year; I’ll be taking Analytical Mechanics and Electronics for my Physics major, Choir, Piano Lessons, and Song Leading for my music minor, and Art & Theater Humanities for my general education requirement. Although it has been really busy so far, it has been a fun year.  Read more »

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