Thursday April 15th, 2010
End of the Semester!

So, it’s the end of the semester.  Students all around campus are getting ready for finals, and the everybody’s workload has increased.  People are looking forward to the end of the semester, as well as May Term, a one month term where everybody takes one class for 3 hours a day.  I’ve got lots of projects that I have to work on, so right now is extremely busy for me.  The tradeoff, though, is that I don’t have as many finals at the end of the semester.

My Monday night class, Operating Systems, had its last class this Monday.  We had presentations due, and were also scheduled to take a final.  There were five people in the class, and two groups that had to give presentations.  The presentations went for 45 minutes and 1 hour, so the teacher decided we had done enough work that we didn’t have to take a final!  In Optics & Holography, as well as Classical Field Theory, we have take home exams, so I won’t have any in-class finals.  Research is a class I’m taking for 2 credit hours that won’t have a final either.  This means that the only in-class final I will have to take is for Transforming Conflict & Violence!  Once I get this weekend and its associated projects out of the way, next week is going to be pretty relaxed.

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