Thursday April 8th, 2010

One of the great things about Goshen College is the resources that it has available to it. For example, we have a concert hall that has been ranked acoustically in the top 10 in the United States. We also have a fantastic Science Building, with tons of labs to do everything from dissection to X-ray diffraction to metal working. One of the labs we have in the science building is the optics lab.

In the optics lab, there are lots of lasers, lenses, and optical devices. One of the things we use these for are to make holograms. It’s a pretty detailed and complicated process, but with (lots of) trial and error, we have been able to make 3-D holograms that are viewable in the sun. For our final project, we are hoping to use a two-step process to make a hologram that has part of the object in front of the viewing plate, and part of the object in back.
It’s projects like these that make me glad I chose Goshen. I get a real sense of community, with friends and professors that I can connect to on a personal basis. I also get incredible resources that I can use to make learning fun. I never thought I would be using lasers to make holograms in college, but it’s been a blast.

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