Thursday April 1st, 2010
President Jim Brenneman stepping down

Last night, the President of Goshen College, Jim Brenneman, sent out an email declaring his intention to resign from the position of president of the college. It is not clear why he decided to remove himself from the position, only that he would vacate his position in two weeks. This morning, classes were cancelled as faculty had an emergency meeting to discuss the President’s email as well as where to go from here. I believe they were also discussing potential replacements for the President, since they have only two weeks to find a replacement. (Please read on to find out more)

April Fools!  The President is not stepping down from his position, but his face did make its way onto a cardboard cut-out in front of the Administration building this morning.  People seem to be having fun with the April Fool’s day pranks this year. In other news, there’s no class tomorrow!  We have Good Friday off, and I’ll be heading home this afternoon to spend the weekend with my family.  Enjoy your Easter weekend!

One Response to “President Jim Brenneman stepping down”

  1. Thushan H. Says:

    Zach, you just about gave me a heart attack with this! hahaha well done..

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