Thursday March 18th, 2010
The Weather!

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous in the past couple of weeks. For example, I’m sitting outside right now at 7:00 PM writing this blog from a bed on the patio of our apartment. I wouldn’t normally comment on the weather, but it’s been way nicer than normal recently. Living in Goshen can sometimes be a little drab because of the weather. It’s often cloudy, and rains and snows a lot on this side of the lake, but the past three weeks have been nothing but sunshine!

May term is coming up, which is a month where you study one class pretty intensely every day. Class is always over by 12:00,so people have time to hang out outside. Just seeing everybody hanging out outside is getting me excited for May Term. ¬†Goshen’s campus and livelihood is pretty impressive in the summertime.

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