Wednesday January 6th, 2010
Back at School

After a long break at home (almost a month), I am ready to be back at school. I had a good break, which consisted of my birthday, two extended family Christmases, and lots of T.V. The nice thing about college is that your break is in between semesters, so there is no work to be done at home. After a while at home, though, I am always ready to come back to school.

Coming back was an adventure. Since I live closer to Chicago, the snow is not as bad on that side of the lake. Once we got around Lake Michigan, there was lots of snow. We made it safely, however. It is really nice to reconnect with friends that I haven’t seen in a long time. I always love coming back to school to hear about people’s stories while they were gone and see some of my close friends.

I’m pretty excited about my class schedule this semester. I will be taking Classical Field Theory, Operating Systems, Optics & Holography, Intro to Philosophy, Choir, and helping out with a research project. Now that I am well into my junior year, my classes are starting to lean more towards the technical side of things rather than having mostly general education classes. I like having technical classes because of the challenge that it presents as well as the fact that the classes are more interesting to me.

As I am thinking about my activities to come, I hope you are looking forward to your semester as well. Although high school was never this way, Goshen College is a place where I actually look forward to coming back to school. I hope the college that you choose, whatever it is, brings you just as much joy.

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