Thursday November 19th, 2009
Song Leading

[Blogs about classes: Part 3 of 5]

As a part of the classes I have to take for my music minor, I am in a song leading class. This class is interesting because it gives me real experience and training about how to lead hymns in church. Mennonites have a long- standing tradition of hymn sings, so this talent will definitely come in handy.

For our final project in the class, we are going to be leading a hymn sing for students at the college. I will be a little nervous, but I am definitely excited for the opportunity as well. We will be planning all of the aspects of the hymn sing, including location, time, songs to be lead, and technical aspects (sound, lights, etc). It should be a really cool project. We will be in big groups, so the work can be divided between a lot of people.

This is yet another opportunity where I am learning that Goshen is preparing me for real life. The classes I am taking are directly applicable to the kinds of things that I want to do when I am older. This hymn singing class is really helpful because I now have a skill that I can use whenever it is needed. I can also help others learn how to lead hymns if they want help. The kind of education I am getting from Goshen is really important. Plans change, and Goshen is helping prepare me to transition well if the things I end up doing are different from the things I intended to do.

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