Monday April 12th, 2010

Last week of classes!

This is it! The last week of classes of my college career! Next week we have final exams, and then commencement. And then, the glorious days of May Term begin! Warm weather has already set in, so we’re all chipper and excited to spend much fun time outside in the sun!  Read more »

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Sunday April 4th, 2010

Easter Sunday

He is Risen!

Happy Easter everyone. Hopefully you have had a wonderfully blessed day, and have experienced Christ’s resurrection in a new and refreshing way. I had a wonderful time as a part of the tech team at the church I attend, River Oaks Community Church, in which we had three services instead of our normal two! I always enjoy the time of worship at River Oaks, and today was no different. What a privilege to be there for all three times too! The worship team did a great job, and I was truly touched by the music and felt that this year’s Easter would be one I remember. Though not our worship band, you can listen to the original artists performing the music we had today at River Oaks, here: Grooveshark Playlist.  Read more »

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Tuesday March 30th, 2010

Taking a break from writing, to write.

My senior thesis paper is due this Thursday, and I’ve been reading, researching, and writing today so that I can try to get all 10-12 pages written before the last minute. I’ve never felt that I’m that strong with writing papers, to either prove a point, or show that I’ve learned something. I’m much better suited writing about personal experiences, which is why I am now here, writing to you, instead of one window back, writing about “Innovation vs. Tradition in the Present-Day Christian Church.”  Read more »

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Thursday March 25th, 2010

We’re in good hands.

If you’ve been around Goshen College in the last two or three months, watched the press releases come out on our website, or followed the recent national media coverage, you may have heard a bit about the national anthem creating a stir in the GC community. Recently, the President’s Council decided to change our policy on the anthem to be played at some college sporting events. I won’t get into the details of the discussion, but if you’re interested in reading about the logistics, they can be found here:  Read more »

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Saturday March 20th, 2010

Spring is here!

Yesterday marked the first day of Spring 2010. If you’d ask anyone in Goshen, you’d think Spring came early about 2 weeks ago. We had temperatures pushing upper 60’s and the outdoor campus life was booming. Frisbee was in action, the tennis courts were packed, and my personal favorite, the grills were hot! These sights are reminiscent of May Term and you could tell that everyone had cabin fever and were so excited to get outside and enjoy the blue skies.  Read more »

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Friday March 5th, 2010

Welcome Back Blogosphere!

Hello again everyone! We’ve gotten some upgrades to our blogs and were back better than ever! Just in time, too, seeing as graduation is nearing the bend and I’m rounding the corner to finishing my college career! How exciting (and nerve-racking)!  Read more »

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Thursday January 7th, 2010

Spring Semester begins in the heart of Winter

Hello everyone. Here we are, back in the swing of things as we begin our Spring semester of 2010. I trust that everyone had a good Christmas and ate lots of delicious food with family and friends.

Today is Thursday, which means we’re in our second full day of classes of this semester already. We were able to move back into our apartment on Monday and I was happy to see my roommates again. We did have to trudge through the snow, so unloading our cars was a bit of a difficult task and we hurried along as fast as we could so we’d get finished quickly.  Read more »

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Friday November 13th, 2009

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Am I allowed to say that? It’s not thanksgiving yet but the mood is beginning to set in. Final projects are kicking into gear, exams are beginning to look eminent, the leaves are gone, and the cool air is becoming a part of our everyday lives.  Read more »

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Wednesday October 21st, 2009

The final year of school is the fastest!

This school year is a quarter of the way over already. Year after year I’m constantly amazed at how quickly time seems to fly. Its true what they say, time does fly when you’re having fun. Indeed, there’s plenty of fun to be had here at GC. I think many times, people don’t think of schooling as fun, but college definitely is. It’s not just fun back in the dorms with roommates and fun on breaks, its fun in the classroom too.  Read more »

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Tuesday September 22nd, 2009

Starting my semester off with Coffee

If only I would have known how much I’d enjoy this class/opportunity, I would have tried to get involved MUCH earlier on. This semester, one of the classes I’m taking is Java Junction Management. Specifically, I am the Marketing Manager of our on Campus Coffee Shop. It’s a job, but I get credit for it instead of cash. So far though, it hasn’t felt like too much of a job just because of how fun it is.  Read more »

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