Friday March 12th, 2010
It doesn’t get better than that

It’s really hard to be away from home, everybody knows that. But is harder when people remind you of your differences. I mean, how can you try to fit in when people are constantly reminding you how different you are? Is it really bad to be different? Am I the only one feeling like this?… In every new place that you go, you’re going to find people that are going to point out how different you are from the “normal” behavior. You see, I’m Puertorican. Normally, Puertoricans have a lot of energy, and I have lot’s of that. I am spontaneous, and I love to be loud and talkative. Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m an actor as well, if you know what I mean.

Lately, some people have pointed out the differences that make me, well…me! And I was so close to giving up my energy, my true self to “fit in” in what I thought was “normal”. But lets be real…what’s normal? Isn’t that what Goshen College is all about? A diverse culture for service. Compassionate and global citizens? Why point out the differences of us humans, if we are all citizens of the same globe? Truth is, that I felt bad for so long, because I thought that I was wrong, that there was something I needed to fix. So what if I’m loud? So what if I dress fancy? So what if I have a lot of energy! This is me, and there’s nothing anyone can do anymore, to make me fill like I don’t belong here. Goshen College is for everyone, and everybody should feel welcomed.

The Goshen College campus has provided many tools for people like me to feel welcomed. This is why I think I was able to get through the cultural shock. And this is why I recommend Goshen to anyone out there feeling like he or she doesn’t belong. Goshen, will find a place for you in society, and if they don’t, you will automatically do it. So go ahead and apply, because it doesn’t get better than that!

Much Love, su amigo

Sammy Rosario

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