Friday November 27th, 2009
A Thanksgiving in Puerto Rico

A couple of days ago I received the wonderful news that I was going to be in Puerto Rico for thanksgiving. After a semester full of success, and missing my family, I finally got to go back!

I’m loving my stay here a lot. I get to eat Puerto Rican food! Just when I thought that I was not going to taste it again. Let me tell ya’, it is good! Better than I remembered.

My stay here is going wonderful, I can feel the warm breeze in my cheeks again, and taste the salty air in my mouth. The beaches are exactly the same, and the people did not changed at all. This long time away from home, made me realize that I love being a Puerto Rican, and that I am more proud now of being one than ever. Goshen College lets me feel these things. It makes me feel proud of who I am. It opens my eyes to other cultures, and it makes me remembered that my culture is one of a kind. I am writing from Puerto Rico, listening my neighbor sing Ednita, and watching the beautiful stars and moon in the sky. What better way to spend the night in my country?

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