Saturday October 17th, 2009
Making Peace with FALL BREAK!

Making peace with Fall break! Oh boy! After all the homework, after all the hard work and tests, what can you do to relax? SIMPLE, don’t think about it. For example, Just do what your heart tells you. If you like to sleep, sleep! I know I’m good at that field. So if you are curious of what i’m going to do in Fall break? Its simple rest! Boy! Before fall break I stood up until 4am! studying for a Biology test. Oh yeah! You can say that I nailed that test! OH YEAH! But now its my time to rest, and to have strength to what’s coming up next. Like, FINALS! But that will be in another Blog!

But not everything in my fall break will be resting. I have a radio show on the globe! So I’ll be preparing for that too! I am so exited about it. Only in Goshen College you get that kind of experience in your first year of college! And Im only 17! Can you imagine, how its gonna be in the future? Goshen its definitely the right place to be. So this is just a thought of what Im going trough over the fall break. Im RESTING, AND GOING LIVE THIS SUNDAY AT 9PM!

This is what Im making peace with over fall break!

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