Saturday October 10th, 2009
From PUERTO RICO to Goshen

It has been a great journey coming from the Island to the states. At first, Im not gonna lie I felt really scared and emotionally drained. I was thinking: “Im I good enough to be away from home at 17?!” This is sure a bad thought, but I managed to put myself together and actually accomplished my aspirations.

From the minute I saw Goshen, I was really sure this was the school for me. I come from a really small school, and Goshen is like my high school (Except a little bigger). At first I was kinda overwhelmed of all the things I had to do. Convocations, Chapels, Social life, Majors, etc.

But that’s the thing about Goshen! The faculty truly helps you get trough those insecurities and helps you managed your strengths.Im not saying that is easy, Im just saying that they make you feel like it. Which is great! So, between the cold and my many insecurities I have managed to put it all together! And boy it is going great! I have A’s and fabulous friends. Im involved in so many different stuff, like Choir, Plays, Radio station, Student senate etc. Goshen has open many doors for me, and I know its only getting better!

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