Tuesday October 20th, 2009

Fall Break

The greatly anticipated Fall Break is rapidly coming to an end. I feel like it has gone by so fast. Tomorrow is the last day of Fall Break and I feel like I have gotten nothing acomplished and already starting to feel the stress of upcoming assignments.

However, this weekend hasn’t been completely boring. On Saturday, I attended a Mexican wedding. The director of the new SST program (which will be taking place here in Goshen) Anayeli Juarez had a beautiful wedding in Warsaw.  Read more »

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Friday October 2nd, 2009

Blogging Opportunity

When I was first presented with the opportunity to Blog, I was unsure of what I would write about. I have never been the “blogging” type. However I felt like this could be my chance to share my thoughts, my feelings, my ideas, and my opinions. So of course,I accepted!  Read more »

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