Wednesday September 1st, 2010
Beginning Again

Well, after a very quick summer, Fall semester is here again! My summer was full of work work work in the Admission Office here on campus. Although at times it was hard being inside instead of out enjoying some of the beautiful days we had here in Goshen, I had a great time meeting new and prospective students and their families as well as building some amazing friendships with the people I worked with. Many of my friends did some traveling, just spent their times relaxing and refreshing themselves for another school year here at Goshen College and enjoyed themselves! How about you? How was your summer? I hope it went well!

I do have to say, however, that it was difficult not having students here on campus. It is a completely different atmosphere and it seemed very lonely at times! Thank goodness for the rest of the students that stayed on campus! I was able to strengthen friendships and create new ones.

Now as this semester has come knocking, I am preparing myself for a once in a lifetime adventure! I am leaving for my Egypt SST tomorrow! With all the preparation and packing has come a mix of emotions and at times I feel very overwhelmed! This is something completely new to me and my Arabic is not very well after a summer of not much time for studying. However, I know that it will be a great experience! I am going with a group of others with similar emotions whom I don’t know very well but whom I am very eager to bond with.

The thing that keeps me going the most is remembering my work with the international students this summer. I was blessed to get the chance to interact with our incoming international students and at times I was one of the first people they saw coming into the campus. I could see their overwhelmed looks. I got to see some of them with their families spending as much time with them before they had to part. I remember thinking to myself, “How in the world are they going to do this!?” And yet, I continue to see these same students and they are surviving. Not only this college experience (which is new to ALL of us our first year) but also the culture shock and so many things that are new to some of them. That is what keeps me going and makes me feel like I can leave to Egypt and make the most of it! If they can leave all that they know and make Goshen College their home for the next few years, I can also leave this place where everything feels like the back of my palm and venture to new and exciting things!

I hope that everyone has a Blessed and amazing semester! See you in the Spring!

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