Tuesday April 13th, 2010

Many times in life, there are obstacles presented that are placed in our path. They create challenges that sometimes we feel that we cannot overcome. Always there will be people who wish to see us fail, fall down and not get back up. However, these people and those obstacles are what make us stronger and what help shape us into the people we slowly become.

As Finals rapidly approach, we may feel like things become to much, we stress out and begin to lose motivation and determination. But we’ve had tests and finals and final projects before and we have overcome them. We will survive and we will strive. We just need to have faith in the Lord and ask for His guidance, knowledge and wisdom. With that we can accomplish anything!

One Response to “Obstacles”

  1. Moises Santos Says:

    Hang in there Lizzy, you can do it? I believe in you and guess what you are almost done with more year of college!!

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