Tuesday April 13th, 2010
Good bye Seniors

Though I have only been at Goshen for a total of 3 semesters and a May term, I have made many friendships and even acquaintances that I wish never to forget. Many of those relationships have been with Seniors here on Campus. Our Seniors have helped set examples for the lower classes and have been role models for many. My own sister, Rocio Diaz, will be a graduating Senior this month and it pains me to think about Goshen College without her. However, like many other Seniors, Rocio has helped to prepare me for the remainder of my college years.

Another Senior, Errick McCollum, has been a great role model around campus by being a good student both academically and socially. On the court, breaking school records, becoming a national celebrity with his incredible dunk, and being an outstanding teammate, Errick has set the standards high for our students to try to match.

Tim Blaum, also a Senior, has been seen all around campus. Although I’m not exactly sure what he does, he is responsible I’m sure for many events running smoothly. He is a one of a kind person and his smile and outgoing personality on campus will be very much missed.

John Tamrat, a graduating Business major, has done an excellent job in all aspects here on Campus. He is part of CAC, BSU, Soccer, Track, and many other activities on Campus. He is a great friend, student, athlete, and person overall.

These are just a few of the Incredible graduating Seniors that have helped make this campus shine. All of our Seniors, I’m sure, will do great in everything and anything they choose to do. And although they will ALL greatly be missed, I am grateful that they have been a part of Goshen College and I hope that where ever life’s paths take them, Goshen College will always be a part of their hearts.

To our graduating Seniors, you will be missed. God bless you all and may you be blessed with a happy and successful future. You ALL deserve it!

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