Wednesday April 7th, 2010
Speedy Semester

This semester has been crazy. Now I look back and think to myself, “Wow! This semester has flown by.” But many days felt like the dragged on forever. Academically, it has been a struggle. I have had to my procrastination (losing many battles) throughout this entire semester. My social life has been fun though. How do I find a balance? Sometime its hard to manage your time wisely, it sure is for me!
I look back on this semester so far and I think of some goals I wanted to achieve and I also look at what I would like to improve for this upcoming academic year.

Before this semester began, I decided that my goal would be to grow socially. Since I live off campus, it is hard for me to get involved in college night life. But this semester, I feel like I have met my goal. I of course could still be more social but I think that my next step is to balance myself.

Hopefully, next year, I can learn to manage my time wisely, use all of my resources (such as tutors, writing mentors, etc.) and hopefully I can find a group of friends that I can study with and socialize at the same time…. A girl can hope can’t she!

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