Wednesday April 7th, 2010
Egypt SST

A mix of emotions! As the first group of Egypt SSTers, I feel that we are going to be like guinea pigs in an experiment. Now there are advantages and disadvantages to this in my opinion. I think that we will have more of an opportunity to experinment and explore. We will get to do things that will set the standards for future SSTers. However, the disadvantage is that we will be going in to this with no idea of what to expect. We do not have former SSTers to tell us, “Hey, this works!” or “Aviod that by any means!” Our group leader will be Tom, and although this is new to him as well, it gives me comfort to know that he has been in contact with the Egyptians and that he is trying to make our transition into Egypt as best as he can.

This will definitely be a memorable learning experience. I go into this with feelings of excitement, dread, nervousness, confident, and so much more. Let the journey begin!!

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