Tuesday November 17th, 2009
Can’t wait for the WEEKEND!!

Wow! WOW! This has been a stressful week. Not just for myself but for many of us students, and even some faculty here at Goshen College. For some reason I feel like this semester especially has caused many of us to feel stressed. However, DON’T overwhelm yourselves. Find something that will help you relieve some stress.

In a CITL meeting I was in with some other CITL students, Rebecca Hernandez, and Suzanne Ehst, we talked about some helpful ways of relieving stress and the ways we each deal with stress. Some get angry when they are stressed, some feel sad and depressed when they are stressed, others get anxious, and finally others feel completely overwhelmed. Then we discussed ways to relieve it. People who become angry should find a way to vent, one thing might be to find something (WITH NO VALUE TO ANYONE) and break it! People who are feeling depressed or sad should find people to talk to. It is really helpful to talk about one’s feelings. If you are seriously depressed maybe you should go talk to Char! Other who feel anxious should do exercise and get some of their stress out of your system. And finally take SMALL breaks. When working on homework of studying for an exam. Take breaks. Maybe every 45 minutes, try to take a 5 to 10 minute break. Find a game to play with others such as spoons :D

I hope that these might be halpful to you. Try to stay healthy!! Eat right and try to get enough sleep. I know it’s hard to find time to sleep. Believe me I KNOW! But sleep deprivation will add to your stress!

GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE as you sprint to the finish line! I believe in all of you!!

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