Wednesday April 7th, 2010
Hope for Haiti Concert

Tonight, something beautiful happened.
The Men of S.W.A.G (Serving With All Gifts) threw a fundraiser for Haiti. Artists from all over the area came together to collaborate, raise awareness, and provide a reminder about people who need help.

So often, our tendency is to want to help people immediately after a tragedy, and then our interest wanes. Men of S.W.A.G. however, provided us wit a reminder tonight that Haiti still needs our help.

I have a few good friends from Haiti, and as such, when the Men of S.W.A.G asked me to write a poem for this event, I agreed. The resulting poem was an exploration of my own feelings as well as an invitation for people to explore their own.

The concert was a benefit concert, and one of the musical groups on campus called Persona had already sold about 200 cds and donated half the profits from cds to Haiti relief efforts. Tonight though, they presented the audience with a song specifically about Haiti. It was beautiful to see people giving of their time and effort to take time out and recognize that the country is not yet rebuilt and to help others realize that there is work to do still.

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