Wednesday April 7th, 2010
Easter Break

It’s always nice to have a break. Easter break came just at the right time for me. Although it was short, it still provided a much needed change of scenery and the chance for some new experiences-one of which was my first speeding ticket. I cried.

I’ve never really been in trouble, and so when the state trooper signaled for me to pull over, I panicked. I pulled over, but with a few friends in the car I went through a range of reactions. I swore first, something I rarely do. Then I prayed. Then I decided that even if I got a speeding ticket, I deserved it. I’d known I was speeding, and it came from a desire similar to that of most students-get home quick!

Well, $127 later, I’ve learned a valuable lesson. I got home even later than I’d planned, but it didn’t matter. I was happy to be home. I always miss my family terribly when I’m away, and it was so good to see them.

Friday morning, I relaxed, watched movies, went to renew my license in lieu of my upcoming 21st birthday, and hung out with one of my best friends. Saturday, I got a haircut and did homework.

Sunday was my favorite. I returned to Friendship Mennonite Church, my home church, and got to see all of the people I miss so much. One of my pastors is pregnant with she and her husband’s third child, and one of my favorite couples is also expecting. It was such a joy to see new life on its way for Easter.

Christ’s resurrection is about the new life that we as Christians can have in him. The new life growing inside the wombs of women I love is about God’s creative ability, and the way in which he always seems to be able to offer new birth and new life. Christ is risen. Indeed.

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