Saturday September 12th, 2009
Getting Real

Maybe I’m not supposed to blog about this. Maybe this is a little too real for us as Mennonites, or us as college students, or you all, as incoming freshmen, but it’s time for me to speak up.

On every college campus there are problems with drugs or alcohol. GC isn’t like most schools, but there are still the occasional slip ups and lapses in judgment. My advice as a college student: Don’t do it. My advice as a Christian: don’t do it. My advice as someone who has been to parties and who has seen many of her friends mess up their lives: DON’T DO IT.

The reality of alcohol is this: it impairs your judgment, makes you do things that you will later regret, and is completely unnecessary to have a good time. It’s not what you see on Gossip Girl, nor is it what you see on almost anything else. It’s dangerous, and it’s addictive.

Many people have wondered about my commitment to live a life without alcohol, but few people have truly understood it-at least not until they’ve had a few huge slip ups. Understand me. Be real. Alcohol is a drug, it is not cool, it is not something to toy with. For some people, drinking in moderation will lead to much more. For others, maybe not. But why take the risk? Is it worth the lost night? Is it worth the damage you can do to another person? Is it worth a life? Live a life without alcohol. Realize that people do it. There’s fun without it, and that if you need alcohol to have a good time, the activity that you’re engaging in probably isn’t any good for you.

Make smart decisions because sometimes, you only get one chance. I am tired of seeing people get hurt by the liquid demon that plagues colleges across the U.S. I don’t want you to join that number.

GC has a commitment to community standards-one of which is to remain alcohol free. Take that seriously. If you can’t abide by it, don’t sign on the dotted line of the application. Get real about it. I’d encourage you all to have some serious talks with the people around you and figure out where you stand, lest you fall. Get real about your bodies. Get real about your lives. Get real about alcohol.

Grace and Peace


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