Thursday February 26th, 2009

This Spring Break I decided to stay on the lovely campus of GC. We’d been enjoying an adequate amount of sun and I wanted to get some work done-and I never do anything when I go home. Ironically, as soon as my ride pulled off, the snow began. Spring Break turned into a series of snow days and my spirits sank, as my plans of laying on the “lawn” and reading fell apart.

I didn’t finish all of the work I wanted to get done, but I did make a decent dent in it. I could finish it by the time school starts on Monday, but I will be in DC! Myself, several GC students and Paul Steury of GC’s nature oasis Merry Lea, will be going to D.C. for an environmental conference and protest. For anyone who believes that “going green” is the way, this event is not an option, it’s a must attend. We are destroying our planet at an alarming rate and Powershift ‘09 is a gathering of about 10-12000 people who care about the environment and the energy crisis and want to encourage the government to make a change. I am stoked-for lack of a better word. I am (supposed to be) cleaning and packing, but I had to stop and let you guys know. I will post pictures as soon as possible.

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