Friday March 26th, 2010

3 more weeks!

After 3 science lesson plans, 2 tutoring lessons, a paper, kindergarten observations, work at the daycare, and a cold/almost losing my voice, IT’S THE WEEKEND! YAY! My lessons went so well! I really enjoy teaching kindergarten. I never thought I would, but I do! The class is well-behaved, so that helps. And of course, the children love any adult in the classroom! :) Tutoring is almost over, too! Thursday is the last day, and our children are performing a reading that they have practiced.  Read more »

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Sunday March 21st, 2010


Well, the special ed Praxis is over! I’m glad for that. AND…I went to a beautiful wedding of my friend Julie! I had a great time there. I was really tired last weekend though because we lost an hour of sleep with the daylight savings time change. This week has been fun! On Wednesday and Saturday nights we played some games. On Friday, I went with some friends to eat at South Side Soda Shop and to see The Bounty Hunter. It was a funny movie! Now, I’m planning for my science lessons that I will teach this week to kindergartners while I watch some college basketball! And, I’m hoping for the sun to come back out again this week because it is spring!

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Friday March 12th, 2010

Busy Busy

Another week is already over! Wow. Last weekend was a lot of fun. We had some people over and played a lot of games a couple of nights. I really enjoy games! Sunday, I went to East Goshen Mennonite church. It was a good service, and there was a meal afterwards. It was a good weekend!

This week has been fun. I haven’t had too much homework. Next week we start teaching science lessons. I am in a kindergarten class. I’ll need to start planning for them! I’m not looking forward to tomorrow morning, but I am looking forward to the evening. I have to take the 1st of my Praxis tests for special ed. certification. In April, I will take the 2nd Praxis tests for regular ed certification. I’m ready for them to be over already! Tomorrow one of my really good friends who went here last year and my freshman year is getting married! I am really excited for her! It is still hard for me to believe. I feel too young for my friends to be getting married! It should be a good Saturday. Of course, I would like to do some homework sometime in there!

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Thursday March 4th, 2010

Here we are, again!

Our blogs are finally up and running again! Yay!

Since January, the time has gone fast! Some of the highlights for me include attending the Mennonite Educators Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, finding out my student placement in a 2nd grade at Chamberlain Elementary School, and going to Sarasota, FL, last week for “spring” break with my friend, Allison. We stayed at her aunt and uncle’s house near the beach. I had a wonderful, relaxing break and now we are right back into the swing of things already!  Read more »

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Sunday January 10th, 2010

The First Few Days

Back again and I’m already busy! I’ve had three days of classes, but that just means work had begun! I have a test tomorrow already. I think that my classes should be fun though. I am in Film, so we will watch a lot of movies. I am also in Literacy 2 and Social Studies Curriculum. Those should be fun because we have field placements. This weekend was fun! On Friday, we had some people over and playe games! I really enjoyed that! Yesterday I did tae bo with some girls in the house and homework. We went for a Wal-Mart run in the evening. Today, I went to East Goshen for church. I really enjoy that service. They had a meal for college students afterwards, and it was delicious! We are having a house game night right now, so I better go! I hope this week goes fast. It’s the first full week, and I know I’ll have lots to do!

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Sunday January 3rd, 2010

Christmas Break

Wow, time has flown once again, and I’ll be headed back to Goshen. This break has been enjoyable and relaxing. I’ve enjoyed spending time with my family and friends. Here are some highlights:  Read more »

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Thursday December 3rd, 2009

One more week!

Wow…one more week and I’ll be free for one month! Woo hoo!

I had a nice Thanksgiving at home last weekend. It was fun seeing family and friends and also relaxing. I didn’t have much homework, so that was nice! I has some good food, went to a basketball game, played games with my family, hung out with friends, went out to eat, and dyed my best friend’s hair. It was fun! This week is going well. I haven’t had a lot, either! I have two finals and a project next week and two mini presentations, and then I’ll be done!  Read more »

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Thursday November 5th, 2009

Howell-o-ween and Fun

Last weekend was Halloween! So, we in Howell house planned a fun party for everyone on campus. It was a success! We had costume contests, food, a bonfire, candy guessing contests, and cookie decorating. I enjoyed it a lot!  Read more »

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Sunday October 18th, 2009

Goshen until fall break

Last weekend Goshen held Kick-Off, the school talent show. It was wonderful! Everyone did a nice job. We really have a lot of talent at our school. Everyone likes to dress nicer and take lots of pictures, so I did that!  Read more »

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Sunday September 27th, 2009


The leaves are starting to change and fall to the ground. I love fall in Goshen!

This past week was a lot of fun! Wednesday was Celebrate Service Day. Goshen cancels classes and everyone goes and helps out somewhere. Howell house went to help at ADEC, which is an organization and works with physically and mentally handicapped adults. It was so much fun! We played softball, kickball, basketball, and volleyball with them.  Read more »

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