Sunday September 19th, 2010
Weeks Go By!

Another week has ended of student teaching! Friday was an excellent day for me. In the morning, all of the 2nd grade classes took a field trip to Oxbow Park. We split into two groups. My group listened to the park ranger talk about insects and bugs first. The children then took nets out into a prairie and tried to catch whatever they could find! Wow, did they love that! Many of them caught grasshoppers and a few caught moths. I enjoyed seeing smiling faces when they caught something! After that, we took a hike to a playground. They had a snack and played on it. It was a great morning!

In the afternoon, my teacher was gone so we had a substitute. Well, since I am the second teacher in the classroom, I taught everything! The substitute did not teach but rather helped. It was awesome to see how well the children listened to me. I enjoyed teaching by myself, and it gave me some confidence for the rest of the time I have left of student teaching!

This weekend has been fun, too! Friday evening my friends and I went to eat at South Side Soda Shop. It was very tasty! We also watched Baby Mama. Yesterday I watched my friend Laura play tennis here and then we went out to eat with her mom and aunt. I worked on some schoolwork too, of course! Today I went to church at East Goshen. I always enjoy worshiping there on Sunday mornings! This afternoon my friend Allison and I made cookies! They are delicious! We are having an apartment potluck tonight, so we will take some of them to that.

As for the rest of the evening, I should look over what I am teaching tomorrow some more so that I am prepared for my supervisor to observe me. I am excited to start teaching math this week! I’m sure the week will fly by again!

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