Sunday August 29th, 2010
School Week 3 Begins!

It is hard to believe that 2 full weeks of school have gone by for the children already! Last week, I taught word work. This was done mostly as morning work, so it was fairly easy on my part. On Friday morning, the K-2 teachers had a professional development meeting. It was interesting to hear about learning goals that the Goshen School system is implementing. The teachers have to write these learning goals and then make sure the students meet them. The students may track how they are doing, which I think is excellent. This week, I will start to teach writing to my 2nd graders. I am looking forward to it!

This weekend has gone by quickly, too. On Friday, I went with some friends to Dairy Queen and then we watched a movie. Yesterday, I went with my friend Allison to Mishawaka to shop a bit. More and more students are getting here, so the apartments are filling up. There was a presidential picnic last night on the lawn and also were soccer scrimmages. It has been fun to see friends again!

And now, it is Sunday afternoon, which means lesson planning and preparing! I am teaching writing to the children tomorrow and from now on. I am excited to see what this week brings!

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