Thursday May 13th, 2010
Wonderful May ‘10

Well, May term is already going fast! Less than a week is left. I am loving it. Tennis is so much fun! We have had a couple of days rained out, so I hope the rest of the time the sun will come out and the rain will stay away!

Last weekend I went home for see my sisters go to prom, visit friends, and celebrate Mother’s Day. It was a quick, but enjoyable trip!

This week has been very fun, too! I have been babysitting during the mornings. Today I only had a 15 month old. He is so cute and a very good child. On Monday evening some of my friends and I went to our friend Bethany’s house for a cook-out. It was nice to get away from campus and have some delicious food! On Tuesday morning I went with 3 of my friends to┬áRachel’s Bread for breakfast. We had delicious French pastries. In the evening we watched Monster’s Inc. Yesterday my friends and I went miniature golfing in Mishawaka. We thankfully missed the rain! It was so much fun. Afterwards, we went out to eat at Red Robin. That was my first time there, and it was delicious! Tonight we have our last intramural sand volleyball game before the tournament. We are undefeated so far! Yes! We also are going bowling tonight. We have been trying to do a lot of fun things!!

2 Responses to “Wonderful May ‘10”

  1. Ellen Smith Says:


    Thanks for sharing your post.. It is refreshing and encouraging to have read it..
    It makes me feel like I have a brighter day to look forward to as well..


  2. Asbjorn Riedel Says:

    What a wonderful day indeed…
    Thanks for sharing..

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