Wednesday April 28th, 2010
May term is here

Well, May term is finally here. I had a good week last week finishing finals. All the girls in our house went to our housemate Katelyn’s house for supper and some house pictures! It was a nice evening. I headed home on Wednesday for a few days. I went to my sister’s Dance recital, visited my best friend at Illinois State University, took another Praxis teaching test, and headed back here Sunday! It was a quick, but fun trip. My friend Allison got baptized on Sunday, so I wanted to be here for that. It was very nice. I went to graduation, too. On Sunday evening, I stayed the night at my friend Bethany’s house. We watched The Lovely Bones with her parents. It was an interesting movie!

Monday and Tuesday ended up being busier days than I thought they would be! On Monday, I went rollerblading with my friend Ashley. It was a nice day out. I enjoyed that a lot! I went with my friend Bethany to our friend Alicia’s house for supper. We had a feast! Alicia left yesterday for her Business in Spain May term class, so we had a fun time with her on Monday night. Our friends Allison and Katelyn left this morning for SST in Peru. We hung out with Allison yesterday and watched Glee last night!

May term started today. I am a TA for the Foundations of Education class. I helped with that a bit this morning. I am also taking tennis! We just had a short class to talk about what we will doing, and we will begin playing tomorrow. I’m really excited for it! It should be a fun May term! We have an intramural sand volleyball game tonight!

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