Saturday April 17th, 2010
Junior Year is Ending….

Classes are over as of yesterday! Woo Hoo! This week went well, and it went fast! I had a presentation and not too much else! On Thursday, I went out to supper for a friend’s birthday. I also went with 3 friends to The Chief! For those who don’t know, The Chief is an awesome ice cream shop here in Goshen. It just opened on Thursday, and the lines were SO long! But it was worth the wait! I really like their peanut butter ice cream.

Last night, a group of us went to my friend Bethany’s house. She lives about 30 minutes from campus. We had pizza, played some yard games, had a bonfire with s’mores, and played some more games. It was a wonderful evening! This morning was nice outside, too, so I went for a run along the Mill Race. It is beautiful on that path. I also went to The Brew, a local coffee shop, with some friends. Our friend Julie who recently got married was visiting for the weekend, so it was nice to see her! As for the rest of the weekend, well, I better study some for finals. I have two on Tuesday, then I’ll be headed home for a few days! Yay!!

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