Sunday April 11th, 2010
A Wonderful Weekend

I have enjoyed myself this weekend! On Friday, my friends and I went to our friend Alicia’s house and tie-dyed, went in the hot tub, ate ice cream sundaes, and watched a movie. It was nice to get away from the campus for a night and have some fun! We watched The Blind Side, but most of us ended up falling asleep!

Yesterday, I enjoyed the beautiful sunshine! I went rollerblading with two friends. I also worked on a bit of homework, as this is the last week of classes before finals! I went to the Goshen College softball game. Unfortunately, Goshen lost. Last night, the choirs here held their spring concert, so I heard some beautiful music there! We have been into playing games, so some of us did that here at the house, too, last night! It was a wonderful Saturday! With all my school placements done last week, I had some more free time. It was nice, but there is still stuff to do. Now, homework must get done so that I am ready for the week!

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