Monday November 15th, 2010

Student teaching is over :(

Well, student teaching is over already! Friday was my last day with the 2nd graders at Chamberlain. I had an excellent learning experience, and I fell so fortunate to have worked with an awesome cooperating teacher and staff at Chamberlain. The time sure flew by!  Read more »

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Sunday September 19th, 2010

Weeks Go By!

Another week has ended of student teaching! Friday was an excellent day for me. In the morning, all of the 2nd grade classes took a field trip to Oxbow Park. We split into two groups. My group listened to the park ranger talk about insects and bugs first. The children then took nets out into a prairie and tried to catch whatever they could find!  Read more »

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Tuesday September 7th, 2010

A Weekend Away

On Friday, I hit the road home after school for a weekend in Tiskilwa, IL. It was great to see my sister and my parents. In the evening, we went to a football game and watched my sister perform her dance routine. She did an excellent job!  Read more »

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Sunday August 29th, 2010

School Week 3 Begins!

It is hard to believe that 2 full weeks of school have gone by for the children already! Last week, I taught word work. This was done mostly as morning work, so it was fairly easy on my part. On Friday morning, the K-2 teachers had a professional development meeting. It was interesting to hear about learning goals that the Goshen School system is implementing.  Read more »

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Monday August 16th, 2010

Student Teaching

I’m back already at Goshen for student teaching! I have been here for a week already! I can’t believe how fast the summer went. I am at Chamberlain Elementary School in Goshen  in a second grade classroom. Last Friday was the first day of school. So far, I am loving it! The children are very cute, although there are some who like to talk a lot and not do their work. I have been able to help my cooperating teacher a lot, which has been fun. I am going to be teaching one lesson dealing with words each day next week. Then with each week, I will add more and more until I am teaching full time for 4-6 weeks. I am really excited, but also nervous. I know this experience will be wonderful, and I am so thankful for an excellent cooperating teacher!

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Thursday May 13th, 2010

Wonderful May ‘10

Well, May term is already going fast! Less than a week is left. I am loving it. Tennis is so much fun! We have had a couple of days rained out, so I hope the rest of the time the sun will come out and the rain will stay away!  Read more »

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Wednesday April 28th, 2010

May term is here

Well, May term is finally here. I had a good week last week finishing finals. All the girls in our house went to our housemate Katelyn’s house for supper and some house pictures! It was a nice evening. I headed home on Wednesday for a few days. I went to my sister’s Dance recital, visited my best friend at Illinois State University, took another Praxis teaching test, and headed back here Sunday! It was a quick, but fun trip. My friend Allison got baptized on Sunday, so I wanted to be here for that. It was very nice. I went to graduation, too. On Sunday evening, I stayed the night at my friend Bethany’s house. We watched The Lovely Bones with her parents. It was an interesting movie!  Read more »

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Saturday April 17th, 2010

Junior Year is Ending….

Classes are over as of yesterday! Woo Hoo! This week went well, and it went fast! I had a presentation and not too much else! On Thursday, I went out to supper for a friend’s birthday. I also went with 3 friends to The Chief! For those who don’t know, The Chief is an awesome ice cream shop here in Goshen. It just opened on Thursday, and the lines were SO long! But it was worth the wait! I really like their peanut butter ice cream.  Read more »

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Sunday April 11th, 2010

A Wonderful Weekend

I have enjoyed myself this weekend! On Friday, my friends and I went to our friend Alicia’s house and tie-dyed, went in the hot tub, ate ice cream sundaes, and watched a movie. It was nice to get away from the campus for a night and have some fun! We watched The Blind Side, but most of us ended up falling asleep!  Read more »

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Monday April 5th, 2010


I had a wonderful time at home! I always enjoy going back, but it goes so quickly!

My sister’s birthday was on Thursday, so we had a celebration for her! We went out for lunch, and her friends threw her a surprise party! I had a great time! I went with my best friend to see the movie The Last Song. It was pretty good, but not as good as the book. On Saturday, I hung out at home and helped my mom cook. I also went to my friend’s house and saw a lot of high school friends. Easter Sunday I went to church with my family and my grandparents and uncle came over for lunch. It was a nice day! I headed back here, and now it is Monday already. At Least the sun is shining!

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