Hot Coffee Drinks

LatteEspresso and steamed milk
CappuccinoEspresso and steamed milk topped with milk foam
Cafe Au LaitCoffee and steamed milk
AmericanoEspresso in hot water
Red EyeCoffee with a shot of espresso
Cafe TheatreEspresso, hot water, and coffee with creme de cacao and irish cream syrup
Cafe RoyaleEspresso and steamed chocolate milk with caramel and creme de cacao syrup
Cupid’s KissCoffee and steamed milk combined with white chocolate sauce and topped with sprinkles
Dirty ChaiSteamed milk and chai syrup with a shot of espresso
MochaEspresso and steamed milk with chocolate syrup
Peppermint MochaEspresso and steamed milk with chocolate and peppermint syrup
MudslideEspresso and steamed chocolate milk with creme de cacao and hazelnut syrup
Vanilla Fudge LatteEspresso and steamed milk with dark and white chocolate sauce, and hazelnut syrup
Almond JoyEspresso and steamed milk with caramel, coconut, and chocolate syrup. Almond flavor optional!
Jalulia – Steamed chocolate milk with espresso, white and dark chocolate sauces and raspberry syrups
Vietnamese Coffee – Espresso and sweetened condensed milk topped with whipped cream

Non-Coffee Drinks

Chai–Steamed milk and chai syrup
Spiced ChaiSteamed milk, chai syrup, and cinnamon and vanilla syrup
Iced Chai- Milk and chai syrup over ice
Apple Cider (seasonal)Hot apple cider from Kercher’s
Caramel Apple Cider (seasonal)Cider and caramel syrup
Hot ChocolateSteamed chocolate milk
White Hot ChocolateSteamed milk with white chocolate sauce
Hot Tea
Tea Latte- Steamed milk and your choice of tea with vanilla flavor
SteamerSteamed milk and your choice of syrup
Iced SteamerMilk and your choice of syrup over ice
CoconuttySteamed milk and coconut, creme de cacao, and hazelnut syrup over ice

Bottled Beverages

Bottled Soda – Berry Berry, Strawberry, Cola, Diet Cola, Creme, Root Beer and Black cherry
Iced Teas - Green Tea and Raspberry Tea
Bottled Juice- Grapefruit, Orange, Apple
Bottled Water
Menno Tea
V8 Splash Juice

Smoothies & Bubble Teas

SmoothieFlavors include Banana (made with milk), Mango, Peach Pear Apricot, Pineapple Paradise, and Strawberry. Flavors may be mixed at no extra charge
Vanilla Cream SmoothieYour choice of smoothie, made with vanilla powder
Caramelchino- Milk, caramel syrup, coffee, & vanilla creme powder blended with ice
Arajana Smoothie- Mango, banana & coconut flavors
The BlaumPineapple Paradise smoothie made with orange juice, named after Tim Blaum
Sweet Strawberry SwirlStrawberry smoothie with white sauce
Strawberry LemonadeSmoothie made with strawberry and lemonade flavors
Fruit FusionSmoothie made with peach pear apricot, mango, and strawberry flavors
JavaccinoSmoothie made with milk, coffee, java syrup, dark and white chocolate sauce, and caramel and hazelnut syrup
EntrapmintSmoothie made with milk, coffee, java syrup, white chocolate sauce, and peppermint syrup
MoCoCo FreezeSmoothie made with milk, coffee, dark chocolate sauce, and coconut syrup
Mango MistSmoothie made with mango and lemonade flavors and milk
Peach Pie a la ModeSmoothie made with peach pear apricot flavor, chai syrup, and vanilla cream powder
Orange J. JuliusSmoothie made with orange juice, milk, and vanilla syrup
Bubble TeaSmoothie made with milk and choobees. Flavors include Peach, Coconut, Honeydew, Taro Tea Latte, Red Raspberry
Cloud 10 - frozen hot chocolate

Cold Coffee Drinks

Iced CoffeeCoffee and espresso over ice
Iced LatteEspresso and milk over ice
Iced MochaEspresso and steamed milk with chocolate syrup over ice

Syrup Flavors

Amaretto, Raspberry,  Vanilla*, Caramel*, Hazelnut*, Cinnamon, Peppermint, Creme de Cacao, Coconut, Irish Cream, Pumpkin (seasonal), Apple (seasonal)

*Also available in Sugar Free

Food Items

Bagel – Assorted flavors including plain, sesame, cheese, cinnamon and brown sugar, and berry
Pumpkin Roll
Pumpkin flavored cake filled with a cream cheese icing
Cinnamon Roll –
A large sized treat great for breakfast, a snack, or dessert
Chocolate Cream Cheese Brownie - Rich chocolate brownie topped off with delicious cream cheese
Chocolate Chunk Cookie
Granola Bar – Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Peanut or Fiber One Chocolate Oats
Muffin – Blueberry, Coffeecake
Baked Oatmeal
Assorted Scones
Hummus & Chips  – Original & Roasted garlic
Peanut Butter Brownie - Peanut butter and chocolate flavor topped with a rich chocolate icing

Don’t see something you want?

  • Moises Santos says:

    Hey guys!!

    I would love to see a new smoothie made with coconut and/or pineapple!

    You know that taste of piña colada into a smoothie sounds great!!

    How about it?

    -Smoothie lover