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Sandra M. Gilbert

We have the distinct privilege of having well-know scholar, Sandra M. Gilbert, on Goshen Campus.  She is best known for her work editing the Norton Anthology of Literature by Women.  As well as being a world class scholar, she has also published multiple books of poetry.  We are honored to have her visit.

She will be giving a lecture titled “Finding Atlantis: Thirty Years of Discovering Women’s Literary Traditions” this Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Newcomer Center 19.  The event is free and open to the public, so any and all are welcome.

Below is one of her Poems




The New Tree

knows the pain of inching into life:
its new buds seem to swell like nubs of blood
on the arms of the Y of sticks that stand so light
and all alone in a flattened-out black plot.
Not a speck of green in the three-foot-wide surround
of soil James the gardener hacked and raked –
it’s too soon, even here, for weedy ground,
just time for these twigs of plum to trickle red
into little spots of blossom — then the pink
innocuous petals ruffling in the yard,
pastel baby banners of a spring
of purple leaves that haven’t happened yet,
though somewhere in, or under, the flayed thin
skin of the new tree they wait and plan.

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