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Exciting Changes in the English Department

I’m excited to announce some changes coming to an English Department near you.  Some of you may have heard about these changes before, but I’m going to give you the scoop as accurately and as best I can.  I will be writing and exploring the implications and reasons for these changes later.  This is just a primer on what is going on right now.

So, here are a list of the changes that are coming.

The biggest change is:

The English Writing Major!!: In its continuing efforts to promote the craft and practice of writing, the English department will soon offer a major dedicated to honing the art of writing in its many forms (expository, creative, play writing, non-fiction etc.)  This major will have at it’s core foundational English writing courses such as Expository Writing, The English Language, and others.  From this base, English Writing majors will then be able to build their own course path from classes like Poetry, Fiction, and Creative Non-Fiction.

This major will expand the offerings for students who love language and writing, but do not feel fully served or interested by a focused Literature Studies curriculum.

For the English Major: English majors will now be required to take only two literature survey classes rather than three (one in British lit. and one in American lit.)  And, in place of the third literature survey class, students will now take World Literature to reflect more fully Goshen College’s commitment to global citizenship.

For TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages): TESOL will similarly now include a World lit. requirement to add exposure to literary models for teaching language in a global context.

For the English Minor: The minor now has fewer required courses, allowing people to create their own, more flexible plan of study.

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