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Accidental Beauty

Some scoff at found art.  I have been known to revel in it.  It affirms my belief that sometimes the world is more beautiful and surprising than we realize.  And that if we stopped and looked, we just might see.  And so, I present to you: Bootleg Poetry.

Catch Me if You Can
By Anonymous

When she touched something
on the back of the youth..
She was surprised and asked he
with her beautiful eyes.

The man was very excited to show her figure
which was supported by the bamboo.
How surprised the girl was!  The figure
was the girl drawn
on the big paper.

And the paper was as
as herself.

Having seen that
the girl was so angry
blame the youth
why do it in this desperate

She was so ad to die.
While the man take a whisper on her ear,
Smile spread on the girl’s face.

The sun was rising the morning,
it was really a very nice day……

*I actually split up the lines rather arbitrarily.  The original, taken from the back of a bootlegged DVD, can be found here.

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