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Broadside002 Just like the poster here says, only with Capital letters and an exclamation point.

I think this great opportunity is often overlooked by up and coming writers at Goshen.  I mean, really, you can get published.  Looking to to build a writer’s portfolio?  Looking to show the world how awesome your writing is?  Looking for bragging rights?  We can help you with that.  Broadside publishes short pieces of poetry or fiction that get printed on a placard which is then mailed to subscribers on campus.  Or, if you fancy longer work, Pinchpenny produces and sells small books of original, student-made works.  In both cases, the result is the same.  You get published.  Which really does deserve an exclamation point.  If you are interested at all please contact one of the English department faculty or email emilyjt@goshen.edu.

This is especially worth noting right now, because Broadside is currently hosting contest with cash prizes.  YES, you read right, cash prizes!  (sorry, I’ll cut it out now.)  But it is true; if the fame and glory of getting published aren’t enough for you, broadside is holding a contest for max. 500 word pieces (poetry, prose, haiku… you name it) that begin with the phrase “There didn’t seem to be a way out.”  You choose where the story goes from there.  And yes, 1st place wins 100 dollars, and second place wins 50.  But don’t discount eternal fame and glory.

And seriously… Cash prizes.

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